Alpha Heating is your one call shop for all heating repair service and maintenance needs. We service at residential, commercial & industrial buildings. We are licensed, bonded and insured and our customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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AC Services

At Alpha we specialize in all of your residential and commercial air conditioning needs. From repairs and service to installation of a new AC system, you can count on our experienced and highly trained AC contractors to get the job done right at an affordable price.

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Sheet Metal

Sheet metal content here. (It doesn’t look like this section was filled out, but I thought I would type it and leave a section for it, just in case. –J.B.)

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Emergency heating and AC problems happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When emergencies happen the residents of Southern Oregon rely on Alpha Heating & Air Conditioning more than any other HVAC contractor in the Valley!

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Keep Your Heat Pump Working at Its Best

Call in the Pros for Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps are not something to install and forget—after all your home comfort depends on their proper functioning. Like all equipment, they do require regular maintenance. Doing so will save you energy and prevent you from having to deal with costly repairs or emergency breakdowns. With your heat pump, you will want to change or clean the filter at least once a month (or as needed) to maintain the system. Dirty filters can reduce airflow through the system and decrease performance. Also, each year (or every other year depending on your manufacturer’s recommendation) you will need a certified heat pump professional to come out and inspect, clean and tune your unit.

Save on energy costs and extend the life of your home’s heat pump. Contact Alpha Heating & Air for your annual heat pump maintenance appointment. Call 541-770-2723 to schedule your appointment today.

The Importance of Heat Pump Maintenance

Even if your heat pump appears to be operating as it should, ignoring its basic maintenance needs could mean that any problems will go unseen and your unit’s efficiency slowly deteriorates. Also, if you have a manufacturer warranty with your newly installed heat pump, you are required to maintain it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations; and that maintenance must be done by a NATE-Certified technician.

What Heat Pump Maintenance Entails

When you hire Alpha Heating & Air to maintain your home’s heat pump, you will receive comprehensive service that includes inspecting:

  • Ducts, filters, indoor coils, and blowers for obstructions
  • Duct leakage
  • Correcting refrigerant charges
  • Ensuring adequate airflow
  • Checking and repairing any refrigerant leaks
  • Inspecting electrical components for safety and cleaning/tightening connections as needed
  • Lubricating motor components, inspecting belts for tightness and signs of wear
  • Correcting electrical controls
  • Correcting thermostat operations

Book Your Annual Heat Pump Maintenance Appointment TodayX

Enjoy year-round heating and cooling with maximum efficiency by having your heat pump serviced today. When your heat pump is operating at its peak, you can save on heating and cooling costs and have peace of mind in knowing you will not experience an inconvenient breakdown. Alpha Heating & Air is a certified home comfort specialist company and all of our technicians are trained to maintain and repair the biggest names in heat pump technology.

Schedule your heat pump maintenance appointment with Alpha Heating & Air today. Call us at 541-770-2723 or contact us online with your questions.